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The New Rachel synopsis

Rachel Berry lands in New York City to attend NYADA and meets Brody Weston, a handsome upperclassman who shows an interest in her. Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Puck’s bad boy younger half-brother, Jake Puckerman, tries out for the glee club, but his attitude could derail his audition.

As an incoming freshman at NYADA, Rachel struggles to adjust to the rigors of her new life in the Big Apple. She bumps heads with an influential instructor, and makes a new friend in handsome upperclassman Brody Weston. At McKinley, the returning members of New Directions bask in their celebrity status, but find that maintaining their newfound popularity comes at a cost. As the remaining members of New Directions compete to replace Rachel as the team’s headliner, Will holds auditions for new members, with interesting results. As Kurt struggles to adjust to his post-graduation life in Lima, Blaine offers some much needed advice.

Carmen Tibideaux

Cassandra July

Sam Evans

Joe Hart

Sugar Motta

Burt Hummel

Brody Weston

Jake Puckerman

Wade ‘Unique’ Adams

Jacob Ben Israel

Episode written by: Ryan Murphy and directed by: Brad Falchuk

Tags: episode 4x01, news: information
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