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Harry on Possible "Temptation" for Mike in Season 4

Oh, great. Just as we were starting to feel slightly more reassured in regards to the future of some of our favorite couples in Glee Season 4, it looks like one more duo might be on the rocks.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) at the FOX TCA All-Star Party, and he didn’t exactly paint the most optimistic vision of Mike and Tina’s (Jenna Ushkowitz) future. Find out why the ever-adorable Tike might be headed into some rough relationship territory, and get a peek at what Harry is working on now that his lesser Glee schedule is opening up some free time.

When do you go back to work?
I think I’ll be back a couple of episodes into it, but I’m not in the first couple of them. They need to ease in all the new characters, so I got a little extended vacation! But I’m excited about it.

Where does Mike end up?
He ended up going to Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. No one else is in Chicago, so I’m sure he will get very homesick and maybe come back to McKinley and say, “Hello.”

He has a girlfriend still, right?
He has a girlfriend. So that whole deal is going to play into the storyline, I think, because long distance relationships can go really bad or it can be okay. I’ve never heard of a long distance relationship being very good, like, “Oh, I love being in a long distance relationship,” unless you’re cheating on someone.

But also, Tina can’t move anywhere. So the only one who can leave is you.
Well, let’s put it this way. They’ve been together for two years. She’s maybe the top dog at school. And Mike is with hundreds of girls and maybe three guys in the ballet school. So I don’t know. There’s temptation, like in the real world. There’s always temptation. Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but at the end of the day, for drama’s sake, hopefully something will.

What do you think of this split between Ohio and the rest of the world?
I think it’s interesting. I think it’s natural. It’s good for the fourth season and it’s healthy because people can relate to it. You can’t stay in high school forever. Reality sets in. Some people fail miserably, or some people succeed right away. So I think we’ll see a lot of failures and successes on this next season.

Does the split give you more time to do other stuff in your personal life?
Yes, I think it does. We’ve been working really hard these past three years, going on tours, doing the show, all 22 episodes. So I think this is a great thing for some of the cast to be able to have some time to do other things while still being on the show that made us who we are, and helped so much in our careers, and still be able to contribute.
Harry Shum Jr. Parties With Pandas
Photo Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Do you have anything that you’re pursuing right now?
Right now, I’m writing. I can’t talk too much about it, but I’m writing. And I just produced a show with John Chu called Remix. It puts a musician and a dancer together to collaborate and create a one of-a-kind performance. So I’ve been doing that behind the scenes as well as honing the craft and would love to do more films too.

Was Joffrey ever an option for you?
No, it wasn’t. I was never trained in ballet. So I think it’s going to be interesting. I hope they play that into the storyline where this kid loves dance so much he’ll do anything, but is inept in the technique of ballet. So I think that could be very interesting. That’s really fish out of water.

Or when you see someone who is great, like Rachel Berry, choke on Broadway. You can’t do that. So I think it’s really interesting to see these kids who are really talented go out into the real world and hopefully able to show what they have, and the right talent to the right people, and just succeed in moving forward being the talented people that they are.

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