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Zach Woodlee On 'The Glee Project' Contenders, Ryan Murphy And 'Glee' Season 4's 'New Magic'

As any fan of "The Glee Project" knows, Zach Woodlee might be the smiliest person on TV. But it's not like the "Glee" choreographer can help it. "I have so many photos of me where I'm laughing like a crazy person," Woodlee told HuffPost TV. "I don't know what it is, but I just go with it."

For years Woodlee has been churning out high-energy dance numbers for Fox's hit comedy "Glee," but lately he's been bringing his enthusiasm to the set of Oxygen's "The Glee Project." The search for the next "Glee" star hasn't been easy, especially when the remaining five -- Aylin, Michael, Lily, Ali and Blake -- all "deserve to be on the show," according to Woodlee.

HuffPost TV caught up with Woodlee -- after his morning "Glee" rehearsal -- to talk about the remaining "Glee Project" contenders, his infamous "Bruise Wall," what it's like to work with Ryan Murphy and why "Glee" Season 4 feels "like the beginning again."

lady murphy welcomes you inCollapse )

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