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Darren Criss seduces the Glee Project!

And us times a bagillion!

One of our FAVE Glee club members Darren Criss - who is also a fantastic musician in his own right AND a broadway sensation - lent his sexified self to this week's Glee Project for the very appropriately themed "Romanticality" episode!

Get feverish with Darren (above)!

Oooo child, we need ourselves an industrial-level air conditioner to cool us down when Darren comes ’round!

AND we thought we'd work y'all (and ourselves) into a love-induced sweat by featuring tons of Darren-centric snaps (below)!

None of the of the pictures are new so you don't need them. 

Tags: "actor": darrin criss, him?, the glee project, who gon stop me, you sound like a blarren stan
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