backupblood (backupblood) wrote in ontd_glee,

HazMat Team Called To Ryan Murphy’s Offices Over White Powdery Substance

Work at Ryan Murphy’s 20th Century Fox TV-based production offices was disrupted for a couple of hours today. When an office assistant was opening a letter from a fan (probably a disgruntled Klaine stan lbr) who wanted Murphy to read his script, a little bit of white powder spilled out. As a precaution, the offices were evacuated and a HazMat team was called in. According to LAPD spokeswoman Karen Rayner, after a brief investigation, the police determined the substance was not hazardous. Everybody at the offices, which house Murphy’s three shows, Glee, American Horror Story and The New Normal, are now back at work.
Tags: better than new year's eve, demon: satan murphcifer, trollin' in the deep, when will your fave?
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