Kid A (maxadler) wrote in ontd_glee,
Kid A

Max and a #2 Pencil Respond to AfterDarren's Hot 100 + etc.

And now, on to reactions from some of our most gracious Hot 100 guys. This is why we sorta love them...

From Grant Gustin (Glee's Sebastian Smythe): "It is honestly an honor and a surprise to be in After Elton's Hot 100. Flattered to be included and for that, I thank you."
And we thank you, Grant! Particularly for that awesome photo shoot you did with us a few months back.
But next time we're getting you to take that hat off!


IN OTHER AFTERELLTEN RELATED NEWS also expect some new qt/jank (depending on whose fandom it is) Tumblr edits of the Glee cast:
On July 16th at the W Hotel in Hollywood our Hot 100 is making the leap to the physical world! Yes, it's our First Annual Hot 100 Party!

This year, in partnership with sister site and parent company Logo we'll be hosting a coed event in L.A. to celebrate the men and women of AfterElton and AfterEllen's respective Hot 100. (So I guess it's the Hot 200? That's a lot of beautiful people.) More details to come, like the charity we're partnering with, the music artist who will be performing, etc. So stay tuned.


Why did Darren Crapp snub the site this year? Is that atrocious, ungrateful fuck letting the fame go to his head? Does he think he's too good for gay media? Does he HATE GAYS? 1-10 scale how much do you hate this bigoted asshole?

Other topics of discussion: Why is Max Adler better than you and your fave? Keep it cute.
Tags: "actor": darrin criss, actor: max adler, media: website, ontd_karofsky, you kill our donor dad?
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