Jean-Ralphio Saperstein (inflixion) wrote in ontd_glee,
Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Chord Overstreet dating Kevin McHale's best friend's ex?

Tags: photos: candids, why are you posting chad overstreet
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i thought this post would have more kevin
I love Ashley Benson and I love me some Chord so <3
ugh, why does he always date bitches? date me Chord! I'm nice (mostly).
stop with the beards and just let colferstreet happen, chord
ugh, i would like to do many things with/to him, but mostly to him...
The one time she's photographed with Chord - "OMG, NEW COUPLE!!!"

The 1556433456 times she's photographed with Shay Mitchell - *silence*

This ignorance rn.
lol, m t e


June 27 2012, 23:23:15 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  June 27 2012, 23:24:46 UTC

lol last week she was dating keegan, julian and all her co-stars

false rumours again, now give me shayley
He just keeps dating ppl I hate but at least she looks like a mess in these photos.

Wtf is with his hand in the last pic? Looks painful.
b a s i c
not gonna believe this because shayley is endgame imo
basic is as basic does
or s/t
wait. who's kevin's best friend? I'm really confused.
justin thorne
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