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EXCLUSIVE : Glee Cast Blind Items

me at this juicy dish


It's not unusual to find this entertainer taking his shirt off to elicit the screams of his young fans, but they may find themselves more than a little disappointed when they find out that he's not so eager to perform to a private audience. Recently he was spotted in a bathroom, when in walked someone who wasn't even paying attention to him, and didn't realize who it was until after he left. His response? Move to the urinal far away from the stranger, angle himself so his back was facing them, and when he finished: avoid any eye contact whatsoever. It makes you wonder if what they say about overcompensating to make up for smaller things is true?


This southern boy may work on one of the most diverse, gay positive shows in the world, but that doesn't mean he has love for his gay fans. He was caught out at a gay nightclub in West Hollywood recently and refused to take pictures with anybody. Why would he be worried about people knowing he was there? Beats us.
And it's not: Matthew Morrison or Kevin McHale

Happy Speculating!
Our sources are legitimate first hand encounters submitted by unnamed members, and completely trust-worthy.
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