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Matthew Morrison Spoke at the Cannes Festival of Creativity

Glee's Morrison: We're Bigger Than... The Beatles

Okay, so it’s not likely to stir quite the frenzy of album burning that John Lennon’s famous quote about the Beatles being bigger than Jesus got back in the 60s, but that’s probably because there aren’t many albums anymore. In fact, most music is sold as single, downloadable tracks these days. And that was part of Matthew Morrison’s point to the audience at the Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France.

Speaking on UM’s “marketer of the future” panel in Cannes, “Glee” star Morrison was talking specifically about the way he and the rest of the show’s case utilize social media as part of their jobs.

“I never thought I’d be a Twitter guy,” Morrison said, adding, “But it’s kind of a part of the business now.”

Morrison said the cast routinely tweets and utilizes Facebook and other social media explicitly to promote their own product – mainly music sales associated with the show.

“We promote the tour we do. We promote [Oxygen’s] Glee Project. Twitter and Facebook and the social media platform that ‘Glee’ has created,” he said, “in terms of the music, it has sold more singles than the Beatles.”

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