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Cory Monteith on winning awards, and hosting them too

"Everybody was crying. Everybody was losing control," reveals "Glee" star Cory Monteith about the cast's reaction to filming the third season finale. Many of the students, including Monteith's crooning football jock Finn Hudson, graduated from McKinley High School. He and the other graduating cast members are returning to the show next season, but "it's bittersweet, because you never know on a television show who's gonna be a central part of the storyline and who's not."

"Glee," which won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best TV Comedy Ensemble in 2010, was Monteith's first American screen credit and thus the job that earned him his SAG card. Born and raised in Canada, the actor had previously appeared in several projects filmed north of the border, including "Kyle XY" and "Smallville." Though he portrays a high schooler on the show, in real life he turned 30 in May. He admits about playing a teenager on the FOX comedy: "It's always terrific to play a character that's younger than yourself. It kind of extends your own life in a strange way."

This is a great interview and you should all watchCollapse )
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