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Dianna Agron Talks Faberry and Yale

AE: So I have to ask you about Faberry, there are legions of people who are fans of the Quinn-Rachel relationship. Tell me about them and do you hear a lot from them and what you think about their championing of that coupling?
I mean we hear about it, especially at events like this. I think I definitely understand. Sometimes you’re watching a show and you really like relationships between people and you wish there was more. It’s very flattering. It was so crazy when we were winning those polls and beating real on-screen couples. But I’ve had so much fun with Lea and I think that’s a testament to that.

AE: Are there nods to that on the show? There was that scene where Santana says, “Stop making out with Berry.”
I know. I think maybe the writers are having fun with that a little bit. But I think also too they were a very unlikely friendship and the fact that they did find their place, I think definitely opened doors for people’s imagination. I had a girl who came up to me once and said, “I felt like Rachel in high school and there was a Quinn and I always felt she wouldn’t be nice to me. And then I was watching your show. And I blew out the door. And now she’s one of my best friends.” So I think that is special and it’s very sweet.

AE: How much can we expect to see of Yale Quinn next season?
I have no idea. They are writing right now. We’re waiting and we’ll take whatever we get.

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