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Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Dating: Why She’s ‘Head Over Heels’ In Love

There’s been buzz about this small screen couple falling for each other in real life, but now HollywoodLife.com can tell you exclusively how Cory Monteith won Lea Michele’s heart!

Glee fans have been “shipping” this real life relationship for awhile and now it’s finally become a reality! Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are, in fact, dating and a friend close to Lea tells HollywoodLife.com just what makes Finchel such a great couple.

“Lea is head over heels for Cory,” our source says. “Lea says it’s because she and Cory started off as good friends and then their relationship just blossomed.”

The 25-year-old actress broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Theo Stockman, last September and started dating Cory, 29, a couple months later, after working with him for the past three years. Pregnant.

“Lea and Cory have an amazing friendship,” the insider explains. “They are basically best friends. Lea feels she can be silly and totally herself in front of Cory. They also have a lot in common. Lea says what she adores most about Cory is that he is always making her laugh and reminding her not too sweat the small stuff. Plus, he’s gorgeous!”

We’ve always thought Finn and Rachel made an adorable couple on the small screen, but Finchel is even cuter now they are officially a real life item. Do YOU think Cory and Lea are good together?

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